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This blog page covers stories and information on the Central Dandenong project Work.Shop.Play. The main aim of the project is to spark the local economy and unite the community of office workers, retailers and social enterprises to rejuvinate the city from the ground up. If you have any further questions about the project please contact  emily@sustainableeveryday.com

BLOG 2: Co-design workshop Work.Shop.Play Central Dandenong

The co-design workshop was help at the Drum Theatre on the 8th of April. 25 people attended the workshop representing the following organizations:

Dandenong Retailers Association, Images Fashion and Homewares, Department of Human Services, Australian Taxation Office, City of Greater Dandenong, Dandenong Market Traders, RaRaPR and the Drum Theatre.

 The co-design workshop provided an opportunity for stakeholders to co-design the action plan which is outlined below. Using design-led tools and innovative thinking members of the workshop innovated some relevant and practical solutions to ignite opportunities and solutions for retailers and office workers in Dandenong.