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This blog page covers stories and information on the Central Dandenong project Work.Shop.Play. The main aim of the project is to spark the local economy and unite the community of office workers, retailers and social enterprises to rejuvinate the city from the ground up. If you have any further questions about the project please contact  emily@sustainableeveryday.com

BLOG 3: Summary of Work.Shop.Play: Central Dandenong Action plan

Great news the City of Dandenong has agreed to back the Work.Shop.Play Action plan which we have co-designed together. Office workers, retailers, cultural organisations and social enterprises have designed 9 major actions to create sparks of change in the city!

1) Retailers & Office Workers Event on 26th June to be held in Cantral Dandenong Office. Email emily@sustainableeveryday.com for details.

The event will be an opportunity for retailers and office workers to connect, helping to develop relationships and grow a sense of community between local business/cultural places and office workers. The event will showcase retailers in Central Dandenong, as well as share the rich art and culture of Central Dandenong, and launch the action plan.


2) Work.Shop.Play Publication will be launched on the 26th of June at the Retailers and Workers Event. If you are a retailer in Dandenong and interested to be a part of this publication please email emily@sustainableeveryday.com

Develop a simple publication with special offers for office workers, to be handed out with existing promotional material at the pop-up events. Included will be special offers such as local retail discounts, invitations to arts and cultural events in the local area, and further information about the range of experiences on offer in Central Dandenong etc, This guide will also be handed out to all of the leaders at the government services offices, as well as other larger offices.

3) Food Clubs will be encouraged to enable office workers to access a wider range of the foods on offer in central Dandenong, as well as share their food experiences of Dandenong. By working as a team Food Club leaders can make the most of short lunch breaks, as well as create more opportunities to make food more enjoyable and increase the opportunities to have social food experiences. This will encourage office workers to contribute to the local food economy.  Examples of food clubs can be:

- ordering lunch together and getting it delivered

- going to lunch together to a special place in the city

- going on a food tour to the  Dandenong market or around Little India etc

- developing a food buying group to buy in fruit and veg in bulk 

If you would like to create a food club or sign up for a food club please email: emily@sustainableeveryday.com

 4) Convenience Shopping Carts / Jeeps  Locally manufacture and design approximately 20 - 25 retro style shopping carts for office workers to wheel through Central Dandenong to help them carry their Shopping and goods back to work. These carts will be designed and manufactured locally (subject to cost).  There are over 10 Government services and other offices in Central Dandenong who would be interested to be a host of the carts. There will be a security pass sign in – sign out system connected to each cart and this will also be a way to record how many times the carts are used each day and week.

5) #MyDandenong Stories is the ongoing development of stories and sharing what people love about Dandenong via social media and word of mouth. The major strategy is to encourage people who experience something spceical in Dandenong to share their experience through hashtags, posting and promoting stories. Other innovative ways to encourage #mydandenong is to place the 'paint strip' of the food brand in particpating stores which is to 'probe' people to hashtag back their story.


6) Food Box Delivery Service: In partnership with a social enterprise, Dandenong Market develops a Food Box Service for office workers. Initially this will be a Pick up service, but over time grow into a delivery service. There is a potential market for delivery of food to offices which needs to be tested and tried.

7) Urban Design Strategy: Each of the actions outlined so far are the beginning of innovative ways to ‘kick start’ a shift in the way Dandenong office workers, local retailers, local food providers and the local community in general negotiate, use and view Central Dandenong. As people begin to shift the way they use and perceive Central Dandenong, we will be able to track the trends, strengths and weaknesses of Central Dandenong, and use this information when considering the urban design and place making strategies for v in the future.

8) Street Markets: Investigate the feasibility of running street market(s) on a non-market day. i.e. Wednesday or Thursday every week.

9) Governance & Leadership Steering Committe: The Leadership team will be made up of a group of government office workers. They will oversee the implementation of the Action plan into the future. This team will also form of ‘network’ to connect similarly enthusiastic people to innovate and work together on other actions which will connect office workers into the retail space within Central Dandenong.