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This blog page covers stories and information on the Central Dandenong project Work.Shop.Play. The main aim of the project is to spark the local economy and unite the community of office workers, retailers and social enterprises to rejuvinate the city from the ground up. If you have any further questions about the project please contact  emily@sustainableeveryday.com

BLOG 9: Food Box Experiment Success

A successful food box delivery service experiment took place on the 19th of June.

•16 orders

•5 Volunteers from Asylum Seekers Resource Centre

•$40 boxes

•15 types of fruit and veg, artisan bread, spices and nuts

Dandenong Council Market 102.jpg

"It was wonderful to see the volunteers from the ASRC getting involved on the day, they were keen to get in there and help out as much as possible. It was obvious they wanted to make themselves useful wherever they could and they were enjoying the rewarding feeling of contributing to a group task." 

Justine, International Relations Assistant on the day

"A couple of the volunteers from the ASRC mentioned they have been waiting for workers rights/work permit for nearly over a year and they were getting a bit bored. The food box project is a perfect fit for these volunteers who are are unable to work but want to be involved in their community. While they can not be paid for their hard work they can be given fresh food and produce from the Market and I must say that fruit taste a lot yummier than money!”  

Justine, International Relations Assistant on the day

"While the volunteers are unable to work now they will all hopefully be granted working rights in the future, involvement with the market and the Dandenong community will provide them an excellent gateway into the workforce. The foodbox project is a unique opportunity to give the ASRC volunteers a foot in the door of the job market while also providing them with fresh food, connection to a new and broader community and a sense of purpose we all deserve to have. "

Justine, International Relations Assistant on the day

"The food boxes are beautiful, and based on the envy on the faces of everyone I walked past, it could be quite a success" City of Greater Dandenong Customer

"Just wanted to let you know at how happy I am with the box/bag of goodies received Friday.  I was approached by a  few staff that saw the items and where disappointed they didn’t order. Hope this comes a regular occurrence and I’m sure you would get many more interested staff as well". City of Greater Dandenong Customer

“Well done on the coordination of the fresh boxes today, just thought id send through some initial feedback. There were lots of comments as we walked through the office with them, plus jealousy! So I think it’s definitely something that could run again. Presentation was divine, as I expected the items to just ‘be’ in the box and it was definitely value for money. I loved the surprise of not knowing what I was getting and it was great to have a mix of what I would normally use with things I haven’t used before to inspire me! If it does work and continue I would suggest we create ‘staggered’ delivery times and set pick up areas, EG, ATO in foyer 2pm, CGD in customer service at 2.15 etc It could also be possible to add in a recipe card from the kitchen that uses ingredients in the box?” City of Greater Dandenong Customer

Interest from a potential customer (one of many comments!).

"I would love to be involved in the Food Box program and order a weekly box if at all possible. Excellent initiative BTW :)"