Central Dandenong Blog

This blog page covers stories and information on the Central Dandenong project Work.Shop.Play. The main aim of the project is to spark the local economy and unite the community of office workers, retailers and social enterprises to rejuvinate the city from the ground up. If you have any further questions about the project please contact  emily@sustainableeveryday.com

BlOG 5: Work.Shop.Play Event Launch

The Central Dandenong action plan which now has a name  "Work.Shop.Play" project. The hard work we have all done to create an action plan for Central Dandenong is coming to life. Most of the actions we have developed together are now being implemented. These include:

- Publishing a limited number of booklets to enable wonderful experiences, special offers and vouchers for office workers of Dandenong 

- Testing a food box delivery service with the Dandenong Market (happening on 19th of June if you are interested email Emily)

- Working with interested people to set up office Food Clubs (Workshop being run on 26th of June if you are interested email Emily)

- Developing a #MyDandenong social media campaign 

- Designing locally manufactured shopping carts (which look very retro!) to be placed in office foyers

To launch these actions and hand out the offers booklet please come along to  our event on Wednesday 24th of June between 11am - 2pm. Please share this invitation with your colleagues. The more the merrier! See invitation below.