Noble Park Community Centre Garden

Noble Park Community Garden is a dynamic project aimed to create community and improve the sustainability of life at Noble Park, particularity the surrounding community to the centre. The hope is also to engage people in sustainable lifestyles also usitilise the garden as a tool to catalyse other projects and initiatives locally. The new Noble Park Community Garden is an initiative of Noble Park Community Centre and is strongly supported by local council and local businesses. Together with key stakeholders, Noble Park Community Centre and Urban Reforestation are seeking to define a vision for the site that will deliver an exemplar community garden for the benefit of local residents, the Noble Park Community Centre visitors. Key to the success of this project is the engagement of the local community in the design and delivery of the space, to build support and energy for the project and as a tool to assist in community building. The Noble Park Community Garden will give the opportunity to local residents and organisations to participate in gardening activities, food growing and workshops, and a place for local residents to simply enjoy. For more informaiton visit their website.